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Pakistan Hajj Policy 2014 Latest Updates, Hajj Forms Applications Online

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Hajj Policy 2014 has announced by the Federal Government of Pakistan at the start of March, after getting approval from Federal Cabinet. Registration Process for submission of Hajj application arrangements were made all over the country for the largest religious event. According to spokesman of the religious affairs Hajj applications will be available free of cost from all designated banks. Hajj applications will be received by Bank in the form of groups which consists of 25 members, applications will be submitted by the group leaders & the pilgrims will submit the application on first come & first served basis.
Under Government Policy, 56, 000 pilgrims will perform Hajj under the current government Hajj scheme while more than 87,000 Muslims will perform Hajj under private scheme. According to resources government scheme package is allocating by Rs 2, 95, 000.
Hajj Policy 2014 latest information Pakistan:
Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony
Government of Pakistan
The Directorate General Hajj, Consulate General of Pakistan, (Office of Pilgrim Affairs Pakistan) Jeddah will be hiring accommodation for about 57,000 Hujjaj arriving from Pakistan under the government scheme for Hajj 2014/1435. In order to make improved arrangements for Pakistani Hujjaj, the foremost amongst which is hiring, this process of acquiring comfortable accommodation shall be through a transparent and objective process; the following terms and conditions will be followed in this process.
1. All buildings will be hired by the Hiring Committee designated in the Hajj Policy 20131 on the basis of Saudi Hajj Taleemat and the provisions of the Hajj Policy read with instructions from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Government of Pakistan.
2. The basic terms and process will be as provided in these guidelines. However, interested persons may obtain a copy of the agreements signed between the OPAP and building owners/lessors in 1434/2013 to acquaint themselves of the mechanism and conditions of hiring of buildings for Pakistani Hujjaj. However, OPAP reserves the right to make further amendments in the 2013 agreement which shall be provided to any Saudi Owner/mustajir with whom the OPAP intends to enter into a preliminary Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter MoU) of his.her reading prior to signing.
3. Owners/Mustajir i.e. legal title/ lease holders (Saudi nationals only) who intend to lease out their buildings may apply directly to the OPAP, Consulate General Pakistan, Jeddah on the designated form along with the following documents at any time before the hiring is completed, a notice of which will be publicly displayed in OPAP Jeddah premises.
(i) Original tasreeh for year 1435; in case of non-availability of currently valid tasreeh the original tasreeh for 1434/2013 shall be produced. (However in the latter case, even if a MOU is signed for acquiring the building, it shall only be an interim MoU for which no payment shall be made until the original tasreeh valid for 1435 is produced within the time frame that hujjaj accommodation numbers are still available with OPAP):
ii) A vakala sharia from the owner/ mustajir indicating that the person depositing the application is empowered to do so/sub-let it to the OPAP by the owner to do so; in this case, the opinion of the OPAP
- After due diligence of the vakala
- will be final.
Throughout the hiring period this person shall make himself available to receive any correspondence from OPAP or depute another person in writing for this purpose. The fax number/email provided in the application shall be deemed to be the legal channel for correspondence.
iii) A personal affidavit stating the following
- The building has an equal number of rooms and bathrooms
- The general condition of the building is excellent,
- The building is free of any encumbrance (e.g. ownership/legal disputes)
- Additional space, if available over and above the tasreeh capacity shall be available for use by OPAP for the welfare of Hujjaj including for offices, dispensary, accommodation of staff (including drivers) etc. without any additional cost.
In case this affidavit is found to be incorrect, the applicant may be permanently barred from depositing buildings in the future.
(iii) Application to be accompanied by a location map, clearly specifying all markers for easy identification of buildings and also the ”crookie” (floor plan) of the whole building whether or not the building was hired by OPAP in the previous years;
(iv) The applications will only be personally deposited after being checked and approved by the Director General, or in his absence by any other member of the Hiring Committee in OPAP Office Jeddah who is designated by the DG.
(v) The receipt and depositing of an application shall in no way confer the right of inspection (or selection) of a building.
(vi) By the act of depositing an application the applicant shall automatically be considered to have accepted all the terms and conditions governing the hiring of buildings by OPAP.
3. The process of acquisition of accommodation for Haj 2014 (1435 H) commences with the publication of an invitation in the local newspapers and MORA’s website.
4. After the buildings’ applications have been deposited OPAP shall start the initial inspection; however, this need not be the basis of date or serial number of submission and any building can be inspected or visited at any time and according to a priority that shall be solely at the discretion of the Hiring Committee.
5. Hiring shall be on the basis of the tasreeh/ tasneef (hujjaj housing permit) issued by the Makkah municipal authority/ Ministry of Commerce. However, OPAP reserves the right to reduce the number of hujjaj appearing in the tasreeh/tasneef; in such a case, the offering party shall be informed prior to the agreement. In any case, a measurement of the floor space of the building would be made to ascertain the capacity of the rooms. Under no circumstances a building should be hired at a capacity which exceeds the legal capacity mentioned in the Tasreeh. In case of hotel-type buildings issued with a tasneef i.e. hotel registration permit issued by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, OPAP shall fix an optimum and mutually acceptable capacity for the hotel taking into account the hotel’s general condition, proximity to the Harum and other factors.
6. Generally new or well-maintained buildings of recent origin, with capacity not less than 200 Hujjaj, having adequate lift facilities, equal number of rooms and bathrooms and located in “clusters” will be hired for pilgrims
7. The distance of the building will be measured from the outermost periphery of the Harum i.e. black-top road to the building by the shortest route.
8. All rooms in every new building offered for selection will be measured. Measurements by other clients during earlier years, and capacities mentioned by them on the doors of the buildings will not be taken into consideration.
9. In no case will the payment of the first installment of 50% will be made prior to provision of a valid tasreeh (especially when MoU is made on the basis of last year\s tasreeh).
10. OPAP has no agent and only Saudi nationals/owners/Mustajirs are informed to contact the OPAP directly. In case any problems are encountered or any complaints generated these should be immediately brought to the attention of the Director General Hajj or the Consul General of Pakistan, Jeddah on the following contacts directly; all reports shall be treated confidentially.
Pilgrims brought successful applications under the rule of first-come, first-served. Private requests for review tour operator’s applications and more scrutiny has been extended to February 28 after that qualified applications will be considered to achieve success.
The government scheme intending Hujjaj would perform the sacred religious obligation this year under one category as the ministry mulls over abolishing existing three categories.
An official of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony told APP that the intending pilgrims would be provided uniform transport and residential services by abolishing the existing three Hajj performing categories included White, Blue and Green.
He said the Ministry has started preparing Hajj policy 2014. The Hajj 2014 agreement would be linked with Saudi Arabia this month. The number of Pakistani Hujjaj likely to remain 143,368 as the maintenance of Harm Sharif still continues.
The draft Hajj policy would be finalized after incorporating the input of the stakeholders. The residencies for government scheme Hujjaj would be provided near Masjid-e -Nabvi. Half of the Hujjaj would return to Pakistan from Madina Munawara and Jeddah.
The 20% cut in Hajj quota imposed on Pakistan likely to continue next year also as the maintenance of Haram Sharif still continues.
This year Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) would be awarded 1500 additional quota apart from their 50 percent share as per agreement inked with them last year, he said. Last year, the quota of HGOs was cut by 15 percent due to finalization of schedule of the government scheme pilgrims, he added.
Hajj Quota for foreign pilgrims:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) had earlier excused via an announcement for restoring the Hajj quota for foreign and domestic pilgrims during the upcoming Hajj in current year 2014 due to the ongoing expansion work.
Saudi Arabian authorities made an early announcement this year signaling same imposition of 20-percent cut in foreign pilgrims and a 50-percent reduction in domestic pilgrims during the upcoming Hajj season.

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